"Everything is energy, and that is all there is to understand in life. Align yourself with the frequency of reality that you desire and that reality will manifest." - A. Einstein

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Cleansing your energies, soothing ailments and blockages to find harmony in oneself.

Cleansing energies from symbols, diagrams, colors, etc.
Making energy seals, medallions and small dishes in orgonite.

Analysis of the different blockages, questions, professional projects, in all aspects of your life.


Communication with your loved ones (relatives, friends, family ...) in the spiritual world.

Cleansing of energies in your home or workplace,

to bring well-being.


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I offer a series of workshops on energy healing and the invisible. These trainings are intended for those who:

-Want to train in the field of energetics and channeling.

-Want to have a complementary tool in their therapeutical practice or in their daily life.

-Feel curiosity.

You can find more information about trainings and workshops.


En plus des soins et de l'accompagnement, je propose une série de formations et d'ateliers sur l'énergie et l'invisible. Ces formations sont destinées à ceux et celles qui :

-Désirent se former dans le domaine de l'énergétique et du channeling.

-Désirent avoir un outil complémentaire dans leur pratique ou dans leur vie quotidienne.

-Ressentent de la curiosité. 

Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations sur les formations et ateliers          .

In order to provide comfort and quality, I am not organizing face-to-face training at the moment.

The decision is not final. It will change depending on safety standards. The dates will therefore be continually reviewed and updated.

Online training courses are being maintained. To remedy the financial problems that some have encountered in recent months, I am making a 25% reduction on the price of training until December 31st.

Thank you for your understanding.

The dates are regularly updated.

If a training is complete, you can register on the waiting list by sending an email to jrichard.liberi@gmail.com.




Every second Friday of each month, I offer what the English call absent healing , which is literally translated as absence care .


This is a dsitant healing but during which the energy specialist does not work directly on the consultant. It sends healing energy for a while. This will remain suspended. The consultant then chooses to connect to it. It is through the choice of the consultant that the healing takes effect, therefore, apart from asking to receive the healing, he must do nothing. He can go about his daily routine without feeling or having to pay attention to anything. Energy acts by itself in the invisible.


There is no direct exchange between the consultant and the healer, apart from the email or the phone call.

This system works according to the model of donation : the consultant pays for the care according to what he sees fit to give.

To receive an absent healing:

Send an email to jrichard.liberi@gmail.com or call 0493.20 58 73 specifying the intention of your healing.

According to your countrry, I propose you a different way to make the payment :

-Benlux : transfer to BE67 0012 7783 8287 according to the amount of your choice, with as a comment

-Europe and Switzerland : SEPA transfer, Wise or Paypal.

-All around the worl : Wise or Paypal.

Please, for the payment, add :"Donation - Absent healing".

Once the payment has been received, I will send you the confirmation.


I do a maximum of 6 absent healings.

Likewise, I reserve priority for people who have never received absent healing for the past three months.


Next dates:






GSM: 0493.20.58.73 (from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Mail: jrichard.liberi@gmail.com

For a geobiology, I go to the same place.

For a consultation in care or energy support, I receive at:

Porte de Lauzelle room

Avenue des Mespeliers, 1

1348, Louvain-la-Neuve

Possibility of parking at:

Mont-Cormillon road

Boulevard de Lauzelle

Rue de Saint-Ghislain

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/!\ GPS does not always recognize the address.

I suggest you enter the Route de Mont-Cormillon, park in the car park.

From there, head to the main road and take a left.

The room is located just before the roundabout.

Acknowledgments :

Logo: Anne-Sarinne Limpens ( https://www.anne-sarine-limpens.be/ ).

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Soin énergétique

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