Only available in Belgium.
Spiritual guidance
€ 90
Spiritual guidance
Mediumistic contact
€ 55 
Mediumistic contact
Energy healing
€ 70 
Energy healing

The consultant travels or I go to my home for a travel fee.

Any session that has not been canceled 3 days in advance is due.

Support and mediumistic contacts take place through Zoom.

A partir du 1er Janvier 2022 !

Toutes les séances durent 1h et sont au prix de : 

Présentiel : 95€

Online : 90€

€ 90€/h

For geobiologies, I always travel to the place without additional travel costs.

Any geobiology that has not been canceled 5 days in advance is due.


For geobiologies, I require plans in A4 format.
I send the geobiological assessment by email or by post.

Energy Seal
Orgonite Seal
-Small tray
€ 90/CHF 98/£ 78/$ 106
€ 95/CHF 103/£ 81/$ 112



Depending on whether you opt for a face-to-face or remote service or your geographical position, I offer different types of payments in order to make the transaction as easy as possible:

Face-to-face : payment is always in cash.

Remote: Benelux: normal transfer.

European Union, Switzerland : SEPA transfer, Paypal and Wise.

All around the world : Paypal or Wise.


I provide the contact details to make the transfer when making an appointment. If the consultant opts for Paypal or SEPA, the transfer fees are the responsibility of the consultant.

I confirm that the transfer has been made and then deliver the service.

GSM: 0493.20.58.73 (from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)


For a sitting, I receive at:


Porte de Lauzelle 1

1348, Louvain-la-Neuve

Possibility of parking at:

Route Mont-Cormillon

Boulevard de Lauzelle

Rue de Saint-Ghislain

Plan d'accès salle.jpg

/! \ GPS does not always recognize the address.

I suggest you enter the Route de Mont-Cormillon, park in the car park.

From there, head to the main road and take a left.

The room is located just before the roundabout.

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