In collaboration with my medium friend Mhorrigan Dé Danann, we looked for a way to combine the work of the form wave, generated by the energy seals, with its superb work of orgonite. After results beyond our expectations, we joined forces to offer this type of energy work to a large audience.


Mhorrigan makes orgonites in the form of a medallion 6 cm in diameter, to wear on oneself, or a tray 8 cm in diameter, to put in his place of life. They are exclusively oriented towards healing.​











What is an orgonite?


Made from catalyzed chip resin, crystals and metal particles, orgonite is a substance capable of continuously transmuting negative energy into positive.

Its name derives from the word "orgone", a term given by Willem Reich to define vital energy, Chi, prana ...

It soon became a very popular tool for protection against electromagnetic waves or for purifying the energy of a person or a place.

Orgonite can be used to work on a problem relating to any aspect of life or for the harmonization of energies within a house. For more specific information,  I invite you to consult the page:

How do we work?


Both Mhorrigan and I work through mediumship. By connecting with the energy of the person, I receive information regarding the shapes, symbols and colors of the image while Mhorrigan receives regarding the resin, metal of the coloring of the orgonite.


The association of the seal with orgonite will multiply the effects of the treatment. In our experiments, we found that the effects of the seals that should normally appear after two weeks were already noticeable after one night.




















Want to get an orgonite seal?

To order an orgonite-seal, send an email to  or to .
We need a recent photo of you in order to connect with your energy. We will give you by email the account number to make the transfer. as soon as the transfer is received, we send you a confirmation email and we get to work.


the medallion    € 90/CHF 98/£ 78/$ 106

the small tray    € 95/CHF 103/£ 81/$ 112

Prior shipping from Switzerland is included in the price.


Payment terms: Depending on whether you are paying in euros or Swiss francs, we will send you my contact details or those of Mhorrigan, in order to avoid unnecessary transfer fees.

For more information on the work of Mhorrigan and its orgonites, I invite you to consult the links below. In addition to medallions and small trays, she shapes other shapes ranging from the pyramid, to the dragon to the Buddha… She is a true artist full of inspiration!

I warmly recommend his service, as much for his professionalism, his benevolence as for his prodigious efficiency.


Mhorrigan Facebook page:

Sceau Fabienne orgonite.jpg
Sceau-orgo Julien 2.jpg

Testimony of J.  (Switzerland)  

Dear Mhorrigan and Jim,
Let me give you a feedback on the orgonite seal.
I felt very tired the first two days, as you told me. Then, since then, a better facility to concentrate and to work efficiently. I found strength and courage. I feel calmer, which allows me to do things one after the other. Thank you again ️! If I still need it, I would not hesitate to get back to you.

Sceau Chacha.jpg

Testimony of A. for Balinese cats  (Switzerland)

We together created a seal for my Balinese we wanted to test on animals. This cat has a very big problem of trust in humans and fears towards them, fears due to a total lack of socialization. Well the result speaks for itself, it is total Zen and even more so since it is now seeking contact on its own. It is therefore also a great success (photo looking at me relaxed lying on his orgonite seal).

Testimony of Fabienne  (Switzerland)

A big thank you to both of you for this seal which allowed me to let go and find my sleep  after months of insomnia and anguish. From the first hour that I wore it I slept  like a baby with an incredible energy coming and kindly I recover my fatigue and I let go of a lot of things. What happiness in these difficult times to manage.

I can recommend that everyone try out these amazing effects.