In addition to care and support, I offer a series of courses and workshops on energy and the invisible. These trainings are intended for those who:

-Want to train in the field of energy healing, psychic lecture and channeling.

-Want to have a complementary tool in their practice or in their daily life.

-Feel curiosity.



Energy treatment
Energy reading

In order to provide comfort and quality, I am not organizing face-to-face training at the moment.

The decision is not final. it will change depending on safety standards. The dates will therefore be continually reviewed and updated.

Online training courses are being maintained. To remedy the financial problems that some have encountered in recent months, I am making a 25% reduction on the price of training until December 31.

For those who would still have financial worries despite the reduction, it is possible to find an arrangement.

Thank you for your understanding.

Face-to-face training





July 10-11

Channeling: contact your guides

Channeling: contact your guide


August 7-8

Online training

Energy healing

July 24-25

August 21-22

Energy healing

Session 1 : 1 février 2022

Session 2 : 3 mai 2022



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En construction

Session 1 :  

Session 2 :  

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Course: psychic lecture

We are made up of energy. This energy is organized and structured according to an unconscious information that shapes the person that we are.
This means that blockages and their causes are also found in our energy.
The energetic reading (or psychic reading) proposes to discern what are these information hidden in our energies.
It can therefore act as a tool for personal development and helps anyone looking for themselves.

This training is open to everyone, whether you are in the field of therapy and well-being or simply curious, eager to develop or refine their intuition.

This training offers you to take your first steps in mediumship. It offers you to learn to read the energy of a person.

You will see there:

1) A little theory
-definition of psychic reading
-How to differentiate intuition and instinct
-how to clear your mind
-how to welcome the energy of the other and become his energetic reflection.
-an explanation on the energetic feeling
-the different means of canalization
- clairvoyance
-a description of the energy field (the aura, its different layers and their roles).

2) Lots of exercises
- learn to read each aura.
-structure the mind of the medium to receive adequate information.
-learn to use different media as a reading aid (Cards, Tarot, stones ...)

Price: 250 €


This training lasts a weekend.

Online course: psychic lecture

Another training will take place online via the Zoom platform.

It is made up of 5 sessions lasting 1 hour 30 minutes each.

The commitment deposit for the online training is 60 €.

The sessions take place on a Tuesday, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Price: 160 €


july 10-11


Energy healing

Magnetism is the form of energy healing as known

Western Europe. It consists of a remote application for

rebalance the different energies within the person.

Energy harmonizes the physical body

and the emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual aspects.

This training offers to discover the properties of magnetism

and learn to use subtle energy in your daily life. She understands :


1) a theoretical part:

-the story.

-the functioning of energy and its impact on living beings.

-different approaches to energy bodies (symbolic, chakra, 5 elements, meridians).



2) a practical part with many exercises:

- feel the energy.

-use magnetism in everyday life (food, plants, animals etc.).

-energy treatment (course of a session, protocols, posture, etc.)

Face to face

Dates: July 24-25

Price: 250 €

Duration: 2 days (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)



Price: 180 €

Duration: 2 days (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

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Channeling course: communicate with your guides

We all have spirit guides. During our life, they bring us help and advice. They speak to us daily, in the form of synchronicities, by a succession of identical numbers, mirror hours, intuition, etc. Indirectly, they come into contact with us. They are always present

This training offers you to learn to listen directly to the messages of your guides, to be able to communicate with them, and to be able to channel a message for someone else.


1) Some theoretical explanations on the different types of guides.
2) Exercises to communicate with them and channel messages.
3) What the group brings.
Everyone comes with their own intention and desires. They allow you to open new horizons and constantly revisit my practice. In collaboration with the benevolence of the group, it is then possible to create a space for new experiences.
I attach a lot of importance to this last point: it is the basis bringing the confidence, the pleasure and the joy to experience his energetic feeling in his daily life.

Price: 0 €

A notebook is provided to you.

This training lasts one day.


Online course: channeling

Another training will take place online via the Zoom platform.

It is made up of 6 sessions lasting 1 hour 30 minutes each.

Price: 160 €

The commitment deposit for the online training is 50 €.

The sessions take place on a Monday, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Dates: August, 7-8, 2021

Formation en médiumnité

Cette formation s'adresse à ceux qui souhaitent devenir canal pour la communication avec les défunts.

Elle va explorer ce qu'on appelle généralement la "médiumnité mentale", c'est-à-dire comment le médium reçoit à travers la pensée les informations reçues par les défunts, comment il peut apporter les preuves de l'identité de l'esprit et délivrer le message à son consultant.

Au-delà d'une technique, cette pratique implique une exploration de soi. La formation a également une approche philosophique, où chacun peut prendre le temps d'observer ses croyances par rapport à la vie ou la mort, et l'opportunité d'ouvrir des portes vers de nouveaux horizons.

Contenu :

-Apprendre à être canal et recevoir des messages du monde spirituel.

-Créer le lien avec le monde spirituel et avec le consultant.

-Apprendre à bien comprendre la réception des informations.

-Créer la confiance dans le lien énergétique et dans le médium.

-Comprendre son fonctionnement en tant que médium.

Des exercices hors sessions sont également proposés pour ancrer plus aisément la technique.

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Session 1

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To register for one of the training courses:

Send a registration request by email to:

Depending on your location, I offer payment via:

- transfer, SEPA transfer, Paypal or Wise (if you opt for SEPA or Paypal, the transfer fees are your responsibility).

-Payment serves as a commitment of your participation. As soon as I receive it, I will send you an email to confirm your registration.

-I do not take into account emails or participation messages sent by Facebook. Only payment confirms your registration.

-In case of cancellation 10 days before the date of the course, the transfer will be refunded to you in full. After this period, the transfer will no longer be refundable.

If the number of participants is insufficient, I reserve the right to cancel the course. The amount is then refunded to you in full.

The address will be communicated to you by email, three days before the date of the course.

An additional session can be organized on request.