When the person tries to understand what he is going through without being able to put into words. To answer this difficulty, I offer energy introspection sessions. More and more, I was brought to notice that the unconscious, whether it is through the imagination or the energetic bodies, expresses what the person needs.


The purpose of these sessions is to offer a moment of hindsight, to venture into our invisible parts and find the answers.

There are many reasons for a spiritual guidance:

  • Blocking cause (s): professional, emotional, etc.

  • The person's need (s).

  • Questions relating to personal development, the path of life, search for meaning etc.

  • Questions relating to a professional project.

  • Other.

I do not offer to search for lost objects or people, nor do I predict the future.

Likewise, the consultant is free to accept or refuse what is said as it is his responsibility to see if any actions are to be taken following the contact.

I mainly use the following tools:

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Channeling is the telepathic transmission of messages from beings on a higher vibratory plane (spiritual beings, Ascended Masters, guardian angels, Source, etc.)

I connect to the guides and become an intermediary when the consultant is looking for an answer for choices, orientations or questions about life.

Psychic lecture

A psychic lecture (or aura lecture) allows to read what our energy contains (the different energy bodies and the soul) and to reveal what remains if not buried in our being.

I connect directly to your energy so that it can express your needs in the present situation and how to fix it.


The interview takes place in the form of an exchange.

I don't work with children. For this kind of request,  I prefer to offer energy support for parents.

Duration: 1 hour  

Price :

Face-to-face 95 €

Online:  90 € / 94CHF / £ 76 / $ 103

Via Zoom platform.

Any service reserved that has not been canceled 3 days in advance is due.

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NB: This type of sitting  does not replace the prescription of a doctor or a psychologist. Likewise, the practitioner has no power over the consultant. The consultant is at all times master and responsible for his actions, both during and outside the sitting.

Testimony of Marianne  (France)

"I met Jim at a time of my life when I was lost and felt completely helpless. Thanks to his energetic care and accompaniments, always with kindness and respect, without any judgment, but with relevant explanations and wise advice , Jim literally allowed me to discover what living meant while clearing the blockages that kept me from moving forward. So I learned to love myself, to esteem myself, to trust myself and ... Today, I can finally walk in this world being aware of my resources and my creative force. I feel immense gratitude for all that he has given me. And I also know that, if we met, is that deep down I knew he could help me find the solution to get out of it. "

Testimony of Sean  (USA)

Jim is a gifted mage and seer who has provided me with great insight through his otherworldly psychic, mediumistic, and cartomancy faculties. There's a timeless quality when working with Jim, as if you are vaulted back in time to a some ancient hermitage and storehouse of the great arts where Jim's deep counsel about the riddles of life bring about a king's sort of clarity. 


I have found his ethical and professional considerations to match his immense talent and will to serve, and I would emphatically recommend Jim for any one seeking actionable connection to the awareness of their soul. Thanks Jim- your wisdom has helped me immensely on my journey.