The medium is exclusively the channel with the world of the deceased or the spiritual world.

Many people consult a psychic to inquire about a deceased person. I don't work that way.

The spiritual world has its own intelligence and its own consciousness. Also, I don't decide which spirit I contact.

The spirits who choose me as an intermediary want to bring a message in order to help the person in daily life (professional, family, sentimental, etc.).

NB: a medium has neither power nor the right to tell the person what he must achieve according to the message received. The received messages are advises. It is the consultant's responsibility to see if any actions need to be taken following the sitting.

Course of a sitting

I always take a few minutes to explain the flow of the session and the function of the medium to the consultant.

Then, I step aside to become a simple intermediary.

I never know which person from the spiritual world comes to speak to the consultant, but both are supposed to know each other. Also, I first take the time to describe the person who came.

The consultant is active during the contact. It confirms the description with a "yes" or a "no". When recognition has been established, the spirit transmits its message.

Duration: 30 min 

Face to face : € 55

Online : €50/CHF55/£43/$58

Any service reserved which has not been canceled 3 days in advance is due.

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