Radionics is a discipline in the field of energetics. As its name suggests, it is interested in the emission of radiations, also called waves of forms, and their influence on their environment. Generated by any form or structure, material or by thought, they act mainly on the physical and the mental. Well present in nature, they are mainly used in radiesthesy and in geobiology.


Throughout human history, civilizations have used shape waves through symbols to convey a specific intention. Among the best known, we can cite the Celtic triskel, the Christian cross, the yin-yang or certain mandalas in India.


Some scientists, inspired by Lakhowsky's research, define radionics and its manifestations as the emission of electromagnetic fields influencing the behavior of any living organism, for which we have no unit of measurement.


Other researchers, in particular the Servanx brothers, rather postulate for a wave whose nature we do not know but whose influence we can all the same observe.

Labyrinthe de Chartres.png

The labyrinth of Chartres has two specificities:

1) better oxygenation of the air.

2) Calm the mind for people who "think too much".

The Seal of Solomon also has three specificities:

1) protection against entities.

2)it brings harmony.

3) protection for electromagnetic currents too high for human body.

Sceau de Salomon.png

In my practice as an energy specialist, I use this discipline to protect houses from harmful electromagnetic waves (high voltage electric currents, telluric network, etc.). In addition to that, I make seals for people who want to work on a problem.

As in energy care, the shape wave can have an influence on blockages:

of limiting belief (s).

pathological: stomach pain, back pain, headaches, joints ...

of skin: eczema, burns ...


emotional: depression, discomfort, burn-out, anxiety ...

hyperactivity, concentration disturbances.


allergies: pollen, food ...

an addiction: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, computer ...

a blockage encountered in life (abundance, love, friendships, projects, etc.).

a subtle blockage: karmic problem, curse, etc.

any other problem for which the cause is unknown.

Testimonial from Safiya (Belgium)

With the seal that Jim created, I felt that my request (to have more confidence in myself, to be daring) was "accepted" and I have the impression that I manage to overcome small daily fears better. After a month I feel something is unlocked and I feel a big change in expression as part of my theater studies.

sceau Safiya.png
Sceau Béa.png

Testimony of Béa (Switzerland)

After a very intense and stressful period in both my private and professional life, I completely lost confidence, doubt set in, am I capable? etc. I turned to Jim for help. In two lines, I explained to him my problem which was rotting my life. Fear of speaking, of hurting, this for lack of self-confidence. He offered me a treatment with a SEAL. A little surprised and at the same time curious, I accepted. After a day or two, I felt a little more fatigue, but healthy fatigue. I realized that little by little my confidence was coming back. My thoughts were clearer and more positive. He gave me enormous strength to move forward! I would even say that I managed to get out of my comfort zone, I regained my self-confidence. In short, He was able to give me the relief and support I was hoping for. I also found confidence and faith in myself. I am getting better every day. Jim, I thank you with all my heart! And we look forward to getting back in touch with you for a new treatment.

Testimony of Delphine (France)

I had the chance to have a nice exchange with Jim. I was extremely tired before!

Jim created a seal for me that did an amazing job on me. And not only on fatigue! Because the seal created by Jim has also worked on my hypersensitivity and the need to be understood by those around me ... Today, I am less and less tired and I feel better in my exchanges with those around me because I am better understood, I am also more serene.

Sceau Delphine Schmitt.png

How does radionic work?


It will be easier to explain with an example : imagine that you want a seal that helps create abundance in your life. The wave form emitted by the latter will not cause more money to appear in your life as if by magic (you will not win in the lotto) but will harmonize your energy, clean the energy blockages, so as to go towards the professional activity or the project that suits you and will bring you fulfillment, both spiritual and material.


It is important that you do not expect a specific result but to be open to anything that may come out.


How do I proceed?


I attune to the energies of the person to make him a seal, which for a determined period of time, will emit a precise vibration relating to the request of the person in order to harmonize the disorders in the client's energy.

Unlike “classic” radionic seals, which never stop emitting an intention, mine are conceived with a healing intention, are limited in duration and they only work for one person. It is not possible to use the same seal to solve the same problem for someone else because it was designed for a particular energy footprint.


Price: € 50 /CHF 53/£ 43/$ 58 

This service is online only.

Terms of payment:

Benelux: normal transfer.

European Union, Switzerland : SEPA transfer, Paypal and Wise.

All around the world : Paypal and Wise.

(If you choose a SEPA transfer or Paypal, the transfer fees are your responsibility).

In order to connect with your energy, I require a recent photo of you.

The seal is sent to you by email, in A4 format JPEG file.

I send it by email so that its recipient can duplicate it, enlarge it, modify it according to his wish.

I don't make seals for children. In this case, I work with the energy of the parents, because the child is in symbiosis with it.

NB: Even if radionics is studied in some countries with a scientific perspective, it is not recognized as such in Belgium and does not replace Western medicine.