What is trance speaking?

In a "normal" channeling contact, the practitioner is obliged to use his consciousness as a filter to interpret the messages of the spiritual Intelligence with which he works (guides, angels, Universe, Love...). He gives his feelings and therefore his interpretation. This is in no way negative or positive. The mind is necessary to undesrtand correctly the message in state of awareness/ 


Inspired trance is an energetic process in which the practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness and withdraws their consciousness. It thus allows the Spiritual Intelligence to speak more directly to the consultant. It is a vibrational communication, that is to say that the words speak directly to the heart before speaking to our intellect.

The trance is not a possession of the practitioner by an external entity. It is based on a bond of trust and respect between the practitioner and the non-physical consciousness. Also, the practitioner may not be fully aware of what is being said but may have sensations of the trance unfolding. He remains in control of the session at all times.

Why a trance speaking communication?

One can seek a trance sitting for many reasons.


  • Blocking cause (s): professional, emotional, etc.

  • The person's need (s).

  • Questions relating to personal development, the path of life, search for meaning etc.

  • Questions relating to a professional project.

  • Other.

It should be known that the messages delivered are in a purely spiritual register. They are sometimes difficult to understand for the intellect because the words and the vibration which emanates from them are addressed to the intelligence of the heart. 

Course of a sitting

After a discussion where you explain to me the intention of the sitting, I connect to an Energy Intelligence that I name Uriel. I put myself in a modified state of consciousness in order to allow a better circulation of the energy.

I invite the sitter not to have any particular expectation in relation to the session. In my experience, trance allowed me to have answers with greater impact and openness in perspectives when I was open to any kind of message.

NB: The messages received are above all advices. It is the responsibility of the sitter to see if any actions are to be taken following the sitting.

Duration: 1 hour

Price :  

Face-to-face : €95 . Cash payment.

Online: 90€/94CHF/76£/103$

Via Zoom platform.

Any session that has not been canceled 3 days in advance is due.

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